How Can Breakthrough Guitar Help YOU?

Breakthrough Guitar is the only teacher in the world dedicated solely to helping the everyday hobbyist guitar player to discover the real, hidden secrets of the pros (while avoiding the pitfalls and myths that hold most players back) so you can finally become a true musician - the accomplished, confident, and complete guitarist you always dreamed of being.

See If This Sounds Familiar...

  • You've been stuck in a rut or hit a wall with your progress...
  • You're tired of playing the same old boring stuff...
  • You've learned “bits and pieces” but can’t connect the dots and put it all together...
  • You get confused or overwhelmed when it comes to things like keys, scales and theory...
  • And you want to progress in the fastest and most effective way - or even become a respected, admired, or accomplished guitar player one day?
If any of that sounds like you, then I know how you feel. Because...

I Used To Be Where You Might Be Right Now

Hi, my name is Jonathan Boyd. 

And a lot of people seem to think I’ve always sort of "known" how to play…

Like I was born with an ability they weren’t…

But that's FAR from the truth.
In reality, I wasn’t one of those gifted or talented musicians who could just pick up the guitar and play “real” music.

Not me.

Instead, I found myself clunking around on this big, awkward plank of wood and metal - sounding mechanical and lifeless - and always feeling like I was just some guy “messing around” on the guitar.

I got advice from friends. And even took a few lessons when I was younger.

But I never made it past what I’d call that “advanced beginner” stage.

Then life got in the way.

And I didn’t have as much time to dedicate to guitar as I wanted.

I played on and off. But my guitar basically became a glorified “dust collector”.

I Always Dreamed About How When I had More Time, I Was Gonna Get Back Into It

But the days blew by.

And even as disappointed as I was with how my battle with guitar turned out...

I had little motivation to pick it up.

And I wondered if anything would ever change.

Thankfully, it all changed overnight… 

When a South American University Instructor showed me what I was missing…

And I literally came to tears because I’d wanted to play that way for so long. 

I finally realized it wasn’t my fault! And I could take my guitar playing as far as I wanted to go.

I’ll explain more about that “big picture” I was missing in just a second…

But first, we need to clear up some myths that keep most guitar players stuck in a rut forever…

Myth #1 - The Great Guitar Theory Trap

The first thing is, most guitar players think that the more they learn… 

The more they study about things like theory, chords, and scales… 

That one day, it’s all just going to “come together”, and they’ll finally be able to play freely. 

But they are dead wrong.

The truth is, the more “stuff” you cram in your brain… 

The more you have to THINK when you play. 

Yet as all great guitarists agree… 

The only way to play freely… is when you’re NOT thinking!!

That's why chasing the “theory trap” is climbing up the wrong ladder…

The truth is, the only way to start sounding good and musical, is to learn do it right now, TODAY, no matter how much you “know.” (After all, how else do you think all those legends like Eric Clapton sound so good without studying theory?)

Myth #2: It Takes (X) To Become A Good Guitar Player

Now, the second big myth is that it takes natural talent, the perfect sized fingers, starting at a young age, going to music school, reading music, knowing a lot about theory, or being “smart” - to become a good guitar player.

Yet any legitimate “pro” guitar player will tell you: none of that matters. 

The only thing that DOES matter, is what you DO every time you pick up your guitar. 

It’s simple cause and effect. 

And it’s like a GPS. If you punch a destination, then follow all the right turns, you WILL end up at that destination. 

Guitar works the same way - when you do the right things, in the right order, then you WILL end up with the guitar skills and playing ability you always wanted

However, the reason most guitar players don’t get far is because they don’t know exactly WHAT to do.

So let me show you…

The 3 Things You Need To Play Guitar The Way You Always Wanted - And Become An Accomplished, Confident, Complete Guitarist Who Can Do It All

1. Navigation Lets You Move Freely Around The Fretboard And Know What You're Doing
Navigation can be broken down into 5 categories which, when you add them together, I call The Guitar Freedom Formula...

Because it encompasses everything you can "do" on guitar... gives you the "why" behind it all... and grants you the freedom to perform anything you could physically ever want to do on your guitar. 

That's why, when you add the 5 Freedom Skills together, that’s when you get the “Formula” for Freedom on Guitar: F + P + Fit + H + R

The 5 "Freedom Skills" are:
  • Framework - how to know how to hit all the right notes in any key - without having to think about it - everywhere on the neck.
  • Phrasing - how to make those notes sound "alive" and "vibrant" - like real music (instead of dull, lifeless, and "mechanical" like scales or practicing). 
  • Fitness - how to get your fingers "in shape" to easily stretch and bend to any position you want (instead of stumbling, muting notes, or struggling to contort your fingers into awkward positions).
  • Harmony - how to know how chords work, so you can play any chord, anywhere on the neck (and know exactly what you're doing).
  • Rhythm - not "rhythm guitar", but how to increase your BODY's ability to FEEL and play any rhythm in any style - so that whether you play chords, lead guitar, fingerpicking, or whatever else, your playing always "fits" into the music.
2. Application Lets You Play Songs And Solos, Write, Compose, And Improvise - And Sound Musical And Expressive With Soul And Style
Application can also be broken down into 5 categories, which I call going to the Application "Academy" - because it teaches how OTHER players create music with the guitar.

Every guitar player uses the same strings, notes, and frets. And the 5 Application Skills show you how other guitarists use the same Navigation skills and tools to let you have a blast playing music, follow you interest and inspiration, and discover your own unique style and sound.

The 5 "Style" Skills are...
  • Songs - how to play the "musical structures" others have created so you can enjoy the instrument, have fun, and discover what's possible.
  • Improvising And Writing - how to create your own music - either on the fly, in the moment - or deliberately and carefully by crafting your own songs, solos, or compositions.
  • Styles - how to use the navigation skills for each unique genre so you can play the music you love - from blues to rock to soul, folk, metal, fingerstyle, jazz, and everything in between.
  • Tools - how to use gear such as guitars, amps, pedals, recording and production tools, and more - to get tones that inspire you, develop your own unique sound, and record products you're proud of.
  • Artist Studies - how to navigate and apply like the greats so you not only enjoy playing great music, but develop your own unique style that impresses anyone who hears you play.
Now, while you can become a pretty darn decent player when you increase your Navigation and Application skills… 

There’s only ONE way to get there in the fastest way possible, and/or to become a great player. And that’s with this:
3. Personal Attention & Guidance Lets You Achieve Your Unique Goals In The Shortest Time Possible
There’s a reason why athletes, CEOs, and successful people across all fields have coaches and mentors.

It’s because coaching is the secret sauce that takes them to the top.

As humans, we all have “blind spots.” 

And when it comes to guitar, those blind spots include bad habits you’re not aware of, things you don’t even know you need to know, and the steps to take in order to reach your musical goals in the fastest way possible. 

And the ONLY way to rapidly develop your unique skills and reach your true potential is through ongoing feedback from a trained, outside perspective: a teacher who has been where you are and where you want to go, and can successfully lead you to achieve your musical goals.

That's why...
"It’s the fastest way to get better, and the ONLY way to get great"
That said...

Here's How To Become The Guitar Player You Always Wanted To Be...

You see, when you have the right steps, and you simply follow them

It’s not a matter of IF you can reach your goals… 

It’s a matter of when, and what you’re going to DO with your skills once you get there.

Below are the steps. Which one should YOU take?

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