How To Become
A True Musician

Discover the proven (yet little-known) path of how anyone - regardless of natural talent, finger size, experience, or age - can go from a casual hobbyist who “plays at” the guitar… to become a True Musician: an Accomplished, Complete Guitarist who can do it all...

FREE 5-Day Course Reveals:
  • The “Invisible String” pattern that unlocks the guitar neck forever, and instantly makes everything make sense.
  • ​The 2 components of guitar playing to develop and balance if you want to become an accomplished guitarist (including the 5 Freedom skills, and the 5 Style skills).
  • ​Why the most important part of becoming a good guitar player has nothing to do with playing guitar.
  • ​How the 7 feelings let you play up and down the neck without thinking (or even knowing the notes).
  • ​Why F + P + Fit + H + R = Freedom on guitar… and a guaranteed way to achieve it.
  • ​The 9 Easy Progress Elements that make up the fastest and most effective way to improve on guitar.
  • ​The most effective “learning layout”, so you know what to look for when learning online.
  • ​Why stiff or inflexible fingers is 100% normal - and what all pros do to get around it.
  • ​Where “playing ability” comes from - and the one reason real musicians enjoy better results than the rest. (It’s not talent, finger size, age, theory, or IQ).
  • ​The #1 thing you can do to improve all aspects of your guitar playing simultaneously.
  • ​7 Damaging Myths that keep amateurs from progressing.
  • ​Why you can’t avoid “blind spots” no matter how much you learn or practice - and what to do about it.
  • ​The ONLY thing that determines whether or not you improve when you pick up your guitar.
  • ​The single biggest “puzzle piece” most guitarists are missing, which is why they spin their wheels and make little to no progress.
  • ​Why most aspiring players aren’t further along - even though there’s more guitar information than ever before.
  • ​1 simple exercise that will reveal how much improvement you can make in your fingers’ abilities to move independently (and how to do it).
  • ​The 3 most common types of guitar teachers, why all of them will get you stuck, and what to do instead.
  • ​The Great Guitar Theory Trap which prevents most players from ever playing the way they dream of.
  • ​The one thing top performers (in nearly every field) have in common that takes them to the top. (It’s not talent, a natural gift, lots of practice, or a strong work ethic).
  • ​How many of most famous players - including Jimi Hendrix, Buckethead, and Steve Vai - really learned how to play.
  • ​The secret sauce that takes guitar players from decent to great - which anyone can use at any time.
  • ​Why your next breakthrough is always hidden in what you don’t see - and how to find it.
  • ​The proven plan and recipe to reach your playing goals.
  • ​What order to learn things in to make the fastest progress in the shortest time (and avoid almost all headaches).
  • ​How the pros make guitar look so easy - even if they didn’t study theory.
  • ​And much more...

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