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The Ultimate Lead Guitar Lightbulb Moment

Discover How The Pros Make It Look Easy With The Biggest Guitar "AHA"

Guitar Grid Mastery

Discover How ONE Simple Pattern Lets You Play Up And Down The Neck In Any Key Without Thinking

Improvising Made Easy

Discover How The 5 Dimensions Of Lead Guitar Let You Improvise Freely, While Sounding Musical And Expressive

Guitar Freedom Formula

Discover How These 5 Skills Let You Play Anything You Could Ever Dream Of On Guitar

How To Get Unstuck

Discover The Top 10 Progress-Killing Mistakes Guitar Players Make, And How To Avoid Them

Guitar Grid 101

Discover How The "7 Feelings" Open Up A Whole New World, Where You Sound Good Over Any Song, Without Thinking

Rhythm Guitar Made Easy

Discover How the “Rhythm Guitar Triangle” Lets You Play the Right Chords, In the Right Place

Improvising Made Easy

Discover How The “5 Dimensions Of Lead Guitar” Open Up A Whole New World On The Fretboard
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