Frustrated With Your Progress? Here's Some News You'll Welcome With Open Arms...

If you've ever played guitar, you know how frustrating it can be...

For instance, have you ever felt limited to just a few frets? Gotten tired of playing the same old stuff? Or felt overwhelmed or confused when it comes to music theory? 

Or have you ever learned "bits and pieces", but weren't able to "put it all together?" Or found yourself just "spinning your wheels" when you practice?

If you get stuck in a rut with your guitar playing, it can be tough to keep trying. And unfortunately, many guitar players quit altogether.

Fortunately, a University Jazz Guitar Instructor's insight has led to a breakthrough discovery which is now giving thousands of guitar players a new excitement for the instrument they love - even if they thought they were a "lost cause"...

All thanks to one, simple "7-string pattern" that allows everyday guitar players to begin playing across the guitar neck - without having to think about it.

The good news is, this pattern allows guitar players to "skip over" what used to require years of music theory study. And it doesn't require reading music (or guitar "tablature").

Now you might be thinking, "Sounds great, but how the heck am I going to play a 7 string pattern when a guitar only has 6 strings?"

You'll see how this "genius" pattern comes from the piano (and how you can use it on any 6-string guitar with a simple "revolving door" technique - which is a method pros have known for years, and explains how they make it look easy).

You'll discover why, no matter how much you learn, most guitar players are never able to "put it all together" - even though there are more guitar books, courses, and videos out there than ever before.

And you'll see why many guitar players, even those who have been playing up to 60 years, now consider this to be the "new, faster way" to learn guitar. Some have commented: 

"This is the Magic Key I've Been Looking For!"

"It's like the guitar version "Rosetta Stone - I can now read the language of the fretboard!" 

"I literally came to tears when it all clicked!" 

Perhaps the most amazing part? When you watch this full lesson, you'll see how this pattern works no matter the size or shape of your fingers, your age, or what you've tried in the past.

You can learn it in about 1 hour. And it can open up a whole new world for you as soon as today...
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